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Cast Iron Bell Eye-Bolt Assemblies
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Eyebolt Assembly for Farm Bell #F62 Eyebolt Assembly for Farm Bell #F62

Eye bolt, 3/8" that is 4 1/4"” long. 3 1/2" post. This fits the C.S. Bell F62 and other
bell  manufactures.Contact us for more information about measurements.

Price: $35.00
Eyebolt Assembly for Farm bell #F1 or #F2 Eyebolt Assembly for Farm bell #F1 or #F2

We use a 1/2” eye bolt that is 4 1/2” long. We include a plastic washer, back in the day they used a leather washer. The leather washers quickly disintegrated, however, the plastic washer will last and last. We also include a metal washer and two square nuts.
When mounting your bell, secure the bell and yoke to the assembly, just to finger tight. Then place the yoke into the upright. Then straighten and tighten the eye bolt and bell until your bell hangs straight and is level.

Price: $50.00

Eyebolt Assembly-Large (#F3 or #F4) Eyebolt Assembly-Large (#F3 or #F4)

We know our #F3 and #F4 bell customers need a longer eye bolt than the length for #F1 or #F2 bell. We offer you a 1/2 “ eye bolt that is 6” long. Simply cut off any extra length to your determination.

Price: $60.00