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Bell Uprights (The 'cradle' the bell is mounted on).
Measure your upright, yoke and bell bowl and compare.

We wish to do our best to sell you the upright that will fit your bell.
Bell makers did not standardize their dimensions or their designs.

The critical dimensions for a replacement upright are the height and diameter of the bell bowl and the inside gap of the yoke. The inside gap is the distance across the yoke, excluding the end pins that rest in the open saddles of the upright.

Photo illustrating the inside gap dimension, height and diameter of a bell bowl

Do you see the name C.S. Bell on the yoke of your bell? If you see our pattern maker’s name, our C.S. Bell Co upright will be a perfect fit for your C.S. Bell Co bell.

If you do not see our founder’s name, we will need to rely on the dimensions of your yoke to determine if our upright will fit your yoke.
Please give us a call or use the contact us form to make sure we send you the correct upright for your bell.

#2X - USA or BNC Bells Upright:

Our #2X upright is made for #2 bells made by Bells Novelty Casting. Their upright has a 13 3/8” inside gap for the yoke and the wide arc for the height and diameter of the bell bowl. These bells may have no markings on the yoke to tell us about the manufacturer; however, their design and dimension gives us many clues. These bells use a crank that is flat on one side, dimensional on the other and it attaches to the yoke with a bolt.
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